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I am a goaltender who thrives playing high level hockey. My goal is to earn a scholarship and continue playing hockey during my post secondary education.

I am a student at St. Michael’s College School and have maintained honour roll status since my first year in Grade 7. I am graduating in 2015 and my goal is to play Junior Hockey and earn a scholarship and play during my post secondary studies.

My academic interests are currently in Math & Science, and I love to play hockey.

In past years I have played on two teams each season I have also had the opportunity to play for a U.S. Tournament team – Express USA. It was a great experience to meet and play together with players from the United States. I also look forward to attending and playing in the Global Hockey Camp in Vancouver British Columbia for the last 3 years where I get a chance to meet and play with more players from across North America.

This season I played for two hockey teams as their goaltender. I played for the St. Mike’s Majors hockey team in the Conference of Independent Schools Athletic Association (CISAA) Senior Boys D1 division. And, I also played Midget hockey in the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL) for the AA Toronto East Enders.

I work hard to maintain my academic marks, and I place just as much importance on continuing to improve my game as a goaltender. In addition to playing on my two teams through the season I also focus on the following training areas:

Vision Performance & Neurocognitive Training:
I train with Kevin Honsberger, of the Honsberger Physiotherapy and Biomechanics Clinic, using the Dynavision D2 which is designed to analyze my visual performance by evaluating my visual selection decisions by combining my reaction time, economy of motion, performance under pressure, and movement under increased stress levels.

Goalie Coach & Training:
I train with Bujar Amidovski and Dave Dolecki of The Crease Goaltending Academy. At each session we work on minimize the number of goals allowed by utilizing strong skating, strong angles, strong technique and strong rebound control. I also volunteer in their training camps to help train young goalies.

Sports Performance Training:
I work with Dr. Jason Galea to help me attain higher levels of performance in my goaltending. Mental preparation is very important to my game.

Physical dry land training:
I train with Phil Osier at the TWIST Sport Conditioning Centre.